Ultrastar Deluxe
Questions and answers

Can I post these songs somewhere else?

Most certainly! You have my explicit permission for this. Like most of the things I create, I don't really care too much about people sharing my things.

The only thing I ask is that you keep the credits the way they are, or at least not remove my name. I won't do a witch hunt, but always assume that eventually people will find out.

The lyrics don't line up with the music. How do I fix it?

Since I've made it a rule for myself to put the first note at position 0, all you need to change is the gap. The gap is essentially the amount of milliseconds until the lyrics kick in.

In order to find out what the start of the lyrics should be is to find the exact time in milliseconds when the first word is being uttered, and use that position as the gap.

If everything goes alright, the song will line up.