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Song name Artist(s)
Everybody to the Limit Strong Bad Has gold notesHas rap notes
Fallen Angel Mitsunori Ikeda, Aimee B.
Get Schwifty Justin Roiland Has gold notesHas rap notes
Glitter Force Theme Song Blush Has gold notes
Hello, Morning Kizuna AI Has gold notes
Here Comes a Thought Estelle, AJ Michalka Has gold notesHas duet
It's Dangerous To Go Alone Starbomb Has gold notesHas duetHas rap notes
Mona Pizza Song
My Best Friends in the World Jeremy Shada Has gold notes
Pee Pee Dance Has gold notesHas rap notes
Terryfold Justin Roiland, Chaos Chaos Has duetHas rap notes
The Jam Song Zach Callison, Grace Rolek Has duet