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New songs on the UltraStar section

I've finally decided to add more mainstream songs to the UltraStar section.

ZGameEditor Visualizer Effects
I've added a new section for FL Studio and the ZGameEditor Visualizer. You can now download and use the visualizer effects for your own music video and VJ projects.
RPG Maker reorganized
I've decided to reorganize the RPG Maker dropdown into one. This way, whenever I decide to make plugins and scripts for older and newer RPG Maker versions, it won't clutter up the navigation bar.
The Sims 4

So I finally decided to add a The Sims 4 section to this site. Since I'm not that great at creating custom content or mods for this game, I don't think this section will be that big, but it's still something.

Morfonica - Daylight

Okay, so, I really love the song Daylight by Morfonica. You know, the band that recently got added to BanG Dream! Girls Band Party?

Anyway, they had a teaser site, and I thought, maybe that would make a good MUGEN stage. Well, today I've released said MUGEN stage.

You can find the stage on this site.

Song tester
I have now added a song tester as a sort of test, to make it a tiny bit easier to sync up the music with the lyrics. Right now it just changes the gap, but I'll see if I'll extend it in the future.
Domain name change

I've decided to set up a shorter domain name. The old domain will still be active for an undetermined amount of time, but eventually it might completely disappear.

The new domain will be:

Songs are now live

As you can now see I've added some songs for Ultrastar Deluxe. Right now it doesn't work 100% perfect, but expect improvements in the near future.

Ultrastar Deluxe

So, as you might have noticed, there's a new menu item called Ultrastar Deluxe. It contains a link to a build with rap notes.

Now you might be wondering, does this mean that there will be Ultrastar Deluxe songs in the future? Well, the answer is, yes, it does! And it will also mean there will be songs containing rap notes!

Do know that it's not likely I'll post the more commercial songs on it. I want to add songs that you won't easily find on other Ultrastar Deluxe sites. Also, I want to highlight the new rap notes feature that's in the development build of Ultrastar Deluxe right now.

Anyway, I hope to show more soon, so stay tuned!

Slowly updating Area91

I've finally decided to start working on my site again, since it's missing a lot of the old RPG Maker VX Ace scripts.

On top of that, I'm still planning on new things. I still have some MUGEN stages that I need to add to the site again, this time I'll just keep the versions that are already there, so they won't get updated to MUGEN 1.x.

Next, there might be some other things I'll be doing. I'm still looking into Adventure Game Studio, so it might be fun to get that running. Maybe I'll even try some other stuff. I already have something planned for the future, and I'll be bringing back the pixel art / sprite section. There will be multiple sections and subsections, and I might even add sprites that can be freely used for any game you are making.


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